Graphic Image Foxboro Eye Care Center

Steven Holtzman
Dr. Steven M. Holtzman: I grew up in Sharon, MA. I graduated from the University of Rochester for my undergraduate degree. I received my optometric degree from the New England College of Optometry, in Boston. I have been in Foxboro for 20 years. I live here, too. Foxboro is a great town. I have been very lucky in my time here. The practice has grown because of the wonderful people who come to see me.


Sandra Shepardson

Sandra Shepardson: Sandy has been with me for 14 years. She grew up in Foxboro and has not been able to herself to leave. She is invaluable to the office. She runs it expertly, and if you want something done, make sure you ask her. Be nice to her because she is the one who can help. She can answer any questions you have regarding your insurance. She is a licensed optician who will pick out your glasses and who can make repairs on them when they are broken. She will be the one to teach new contact lens wearers how to take care of their lenses.